OptiMa (E.A) International Limited is a CCK /CCA and Mininistry of Public Works registered Telecomunications Contractors. As Regional Leader for this sector of Telephone Calls Management,

OptiMa (E.A) had the foresight to see that managing/controlling of PABX shared telephone resouces (because of its vulnerability for abuse and misuse) is an integral aspect of modern business success in a highly competitive environment and shrinking profit margins.

Our Telephone Management Systems (Elcom Teleman®-Universal) are designed to suit the needs of Commercial sector, Public institutions and the Hospitality Industry. Our TMS product portfolio includes:

  1. Standard Call logging systems ideal for small to medium organizations (1-50+ extensions)
  2. Fully Automated Budgetary systems, ideal for medium and big organizations (50 – 5000+ extensions/PINs)
  3. Teleman WAN Enterprise Solutions for companies /organizations with branch networks and want to centrally manage telephone usage.
  4. Teleman Hospitality systems including interface with Hotel PMSs like Micro/Fedelio.

Our systems intergrate with all major Telecommunications platforms.

The Key Technical team:-

The Company through personal endeavor, commitment, support, development and a professional approach in the knowledge and belief that client satisfaction and value for money are criteria for success has achieved recognition and stability.

To achieve our objectives, the role of skilled personnel cannot be over emphasized. We have unmatched technical team in the Region for this sector, identified as our strongest asset which allow us to optimize strategic opportunities from a very mature perspective. Among them include:-

  • Professor J.Mwangi Mbuthia – Technical Director, Mbuthia is one of the most highly qualified and experienced professional in the region in ICT with over 25 years experience. Currently he is in charge of products Research and Developments and site Implementation.
  • Shadrack Njenga Kinuthia - Implementation and Technical Support.  15 years experience in ICT
  • Patrick Mwangi - Implementation and Technical Support.  Over 12 years experience in ICT
  • Eng. Job Maxwell Ndege - Consulting Engineer.  15 years of ICT
  • B. Humphrey Mutegeki – GM/Director in charge of Business Development. Fifteen years in Telecommunications & Business Management.