PABX TELEMAN AUTO-BUDGET SYSTEM provides answers to the followings:

  1. Are your monthly telepnone bills exceeding the allocated and affordable Budget?
  2. Are you loosing business because office lines are always prolonged held-up by uncontrolled staff ?
  3. Is your staff telephone culture unmanageable?
  4. Is your staff fleecing company profits through unnecessary telephone calls?
  5. Are you tired of taking action when the damage is already done?

With Teleman Auto-Budget every individual telephone user (PIN or extension) and department will to be allocated amonthly telephone budget or ceiling. The System will automatically Lock/bar individual Extensions or roaming secret PINs which reach the pre-set monthly budget allocations/ “ceiling” and and Unlock or re-instate them automatically (2.00AM) at the beginning of every following month.